Posting a photo to Instagram without a phone

This summer, WhatsApp lawyers contacted me because of the WhatsApp API i did, they send me a ‘Cease & Desist & Demand’, but they also blocked all my accounts i had in their services (WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook). Honestly, i didn’t use WhatsApp, Telegram is way better and i prefer it over WhatsApp, and Facebook… well i didn’t even use it. I’m not used to upload pictures to Instagram, but sometimes i like to upload something or just check the timeline or whatever. The problem began when i tried to create a new Instagram account using my phone, but i couldn’t, basically what they did was block my account but also my UUID, this means i couldn’t use Instagram in my device for anything. What they don’t know is that i have my own ways to get these things working :)

I’ve been checking this week how Instagram works, and started coding an API everyone can use it easily, and be able to upload photos to Instagram! When i achieved it, i thought adding more features, so that’s what i’m doing, so when i have some free time i’ll be adding more and more features ‘til we have a complete API for Instagram.

The main difference between the API Instagram provides and the private API which uses Instagram in their Apps (the one i did), is that you are able to upload content to your Instagram account, that’s right, you can upload videos and photos, yay!

The API can be found in my Github account:

Here is an example showing how to upload a photo using the Instagram private API:

Feel free to send pull requests.

Have a nice day! :)